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We have spent many years refining what the modern kitchen can bring to the table. From the materials and hardware we select to the designs we create in the workshop, our craftsmanship has evolved with each project.  While the look and configuration does vary with the client, our commitment to building the best quality pieces for you does not.  Putting our experience to work for you means the fit and finish of your kitchen will aways feel spot on.

When designing your kitchen, we like to get to know how you live. Creating a truly personal kitchen for you means understanding how you use it.  We can come to your home and get intimate with the space, talk with you about flow and preferences, and look at materials and finishes that would fit your style.  The studio above our workshop in Great Chart is also a great place to start the conversation and we would love to show you around.  Establishing your wish list and understanding your needs will give us the foundation to start designing. 

Our favourite materials include spray lacquered MDF for a super-clean modern finish in any colour you can imagine. We also love superior grade birch plywood with a clear coat or stain finish, a contemporary staple that never goes out of style. Our shop also works with a massive variety of wood veneers, creating custom one-off finishes in our industrial press.  You can pick from a curated selection of our favourites or join us down the rabbit hole for a truly bespoke creation with bold wood patterns that you will never see in another home. Make it your own.  Make it perfect. 

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