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We’ve done a lot of wardrobes over the years and some things never change.  Everyone wants increased usable space, better internal organisation and superior finishes that make opening the doors a true pleasure. Equally important is the hardware that allow those doors to swing easily, drawers to glide smoothly, and soft closures that gently hide it all away without a sound.  At Chartwood, we've been busy over the years refining the materials and sourcing the finest hardware to ensure we elevate our wardrobes well above the mass market offerings. 

From the internal configuration to the facade finishes, we make sure to create the perfect wardrobe that will bring you joy for years to come.  We can use furniture grade MDF with unlimited eco-friendly paint options for a jewel box of colour behind richly veneered doors, or keep it classic with birch plywood frames for that mid-modern aesthetic that will always feel fresh. Metallic edge reveals, hidden hinges, integrated handles that dissolve into the design, and smart internal storage options all combine to make a Chartwood wardrobe a modern statement of your personal style. 


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