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Live / Work Balance

More of us are now able to avoid the commute at least a few days a week, and a few lucky ones in our midst have abandoned the travel slog altogether for a brave new life in the home office.  While better for the environment (and potentially good for our collection of comfy pyjamas) this new reality brings some challenges.  How do we create a dedicated workspace that incorporates all the specific work organisation requirements whilst looking lovely?  

We start by getting right up in your business.  How do you want to space to function?  Perhaps you need loads of vertical filing or racks of shelving for binders.  Maybe you don’t leave any paper trail but have various screens with a myriad of components and cables.  Our goal is to minimise the visual clutter with smart storage and clean design so you can focus when you need it without distraction.  After the work is done, the space returns to rest and you can get back to the more important stuff of life. 

The luxury of a dedicated room for an office or study is impossible for many, so over the years we’ve perfected the art of transforming lost spaces.  Our favourites include under the stairs, first floor landings, and the pantry.  We can do a lot with a little.  Often we do more than double-duty, so that laundry room-cum-crafting station plus software coding studio really can look lovely. We love a challenge, so get in touch.  


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