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Tables, etc. 

While we specialise in bespoke storage, we love to get out of our boxes to design fine tables, beds, and benches. Rooms can feel beautifully tied together when the free standing furniture speaks the same language as the built-in cabinetry.  It can make a space feel calmer, the flow easily navigated without harsh transitions or design incongruity.  It is one of the tricks of the trade that elevates a room and creates a truly lovely space. 

We've done projects for wineries to create tasting rooms with old world charm, flash modern conference rooms for start-ups, and elegant dining rooms for french ski chalets. Each of these clients required a fully-formed furniture package that worked together seamlessly.  We love these projects. The aesthetic vibe created in a space with true design unity is often what make a room come alive. 

Feeling peckish?


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