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A bit more about Kitchens

Steel kitchen 003_edited.jpg
Kitchens by Chartwood Design

The key to a clean modern living space is storage. We feel so strongly about the concept we dedicated our company to designing and making lovely cabinetry for all your stuff of life. 

A place for everything, everything in its place. This is especially true in the kitchen where you need a huge variety of kit and supplies right at hand without cluttering your countertops.  At Chartwood Design, we make kitchen storage that feels fresh, clean, and smart. 

Step into the Kitchen 

Wardrobes by Chartwood Design

His and Hers. His and His. Hers and Theirs. All the space you need with whomever you share it.


Everyone needs a little editing once in a while, but your cupboard doesn't need to be the limiting factor. You choose the look from our selection of contemporary finishes and we will craft a bespoke solution for your personal space. 

More on Wardrobes

Live / Work by Chartwood Design

A highly functioning, beautifully crafted workspace so you can professionally fly without ever leaving the nest. Then, off to the lounge for the more important bits of life. 

Chartwood Design is the expert on making the most from the space you have so you can keep your work and home life running smoothly. Our years of experience transforming underproductive spaces into your organised hub of achievement means you will get more done in a place you truly love. 



Your Office awaits

Bathrooms by Chartwood Design

We ask a lot of the bathroom. Often overrun with the intimate stuff of life, bathrooms need loads of smart storage and highly functional materials to work well, look great, and calm the mind.  At Chartwood Design we strive to perfect this balance between form and function with everything we create.


 To the Loo

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freestanding furniture (22)_edited.jpg
Freestanding by Chartwood Design. 


Admittedly, sometimes our work gets off the wall. We love to design and build tables, islands, and custom free-standing pieces at our workshop in Kent.  


Boot benches, turn-table consoles with loads of vinyl storage, a dog gear station to keep Rover’s mess in check. Whatever your need might be, our team can design and create a functional statement piece in signature style. 

Tables and such


Chartwood Design Ltd.

Unit 3 |  Ninn Farm | Ninn Lane

Great Chart | Kent

TN23 3DA

M: 07545 238800 

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